McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd, originally founded October 2004 in Perth, Western Australia as McKercher ECS providing domestic, commercial and industrial electrical services to the greater population. Demand for reliable electrical services instigated an evolution to an expanded regional level.

McKercher ESC matured from a sole trading entity to a privately owned company, Electrical Australia Pty Ltd. Licensed with electrical service operations in Western Australia, Northern Territory, New South Wales and Queensland. External interest facilitated the transfer of core service operations including intellectual property associated with the Electrical Australia name in 2011.

The transition from Electrical Australia Pty Ltd to McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd shifted a focus towards information technology & alternative energy sources. An astute consideration for advanced energy technology combined with a strong technical research and development background. McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd supports the demands and expectations of a modern world in multiple ways with trusted key brands.

The best results derived from the greatest minds.

Solutions to empower

McKercher Corporation businesses are built to empower everyday people through advanced sustainability, energy & technology.



A good investment in energy or technology is sustainable.

A Sustainable Solution

Quality control beyond comprehension. Solutions instated to withstand the test of time.


Energy solutions built to perform beyond expectation.

Greater Power

Advanced smart energy supplies built for long-term, lasting success in Australia.


Innovation and possibilities beyond imagination.

Superior innovation.

Technology assets facilitating the maximum potential for the most exceptional vision.

Unlimited possibilities.

McKercher Corp.
McKercher Corp.CORPORATE
The corporate entity facilitating the success of energy and technology developments.
PSW Energy
Energy solutions incorporating leading storage technologies.
Eneregie Research
Eneregie ResearchRSEARCH
Research and development within sustainable energy & technology.
Gigabit Tech Studio
Gigabit Tech StudioTECHNOLOGY
Technologies built to enhance user experience beyond what is available.

A global reach.

A consistent evolution.

The world’s modern demands depend on both advanced technology and reliable energy sources.

Embrace technology

Technology exists to uncomplicate and communicate in ways which have never been conceived possible.

Smart energy

Energy powers life. Dare to dream of a life powered by sustainable, clean energy fueled by natural elements.

Technology Evolved